i saw him today

i saw him today
not right in front of me
somewhere else
yet somewhere still close
not somewhere within touch
somewhere that still made me
look away after a moment of a glance
but back again
another glance
that captures how he had changed
how his eyes crinkled a bit
the way his gait strayed a bit
and how he had stayed the same

something came by

someone stopped in the way

i can’t see you anymore
i can’t see you at all

time snuck back again
i never realized
the outline of your figure
could be so similar to those
i consider unfamiliarity
but they are not you
never will they be you
yet how i wished they were you
so i can stop searching

i can’t see you anymore
i can’t see you at all
i saw my second glance
wilting away

i saw him today
and i will still hope
i can see him again
and again

2/19/19 3:29 pm
{rough draft/not editing}


what life is

do you hear that
it’s an intake
and an exhale
whether it is of content
or of neglect
no matter if it was of
reminiscing or of
-it doesn’t matter
the intake could sharpen
because of pain
the exhale can lessen
because of release
our existence is of inhale and
the contentment never lasts
long- neither does the
so inhale – and exhale
as if your life depends
on it
so you’ll understand
what you are living for.

2/2/19 6:16 pm

behind another

i had looked around me
people were moving
with one step ahead of another
forward step, forward step
i had once thought
i was just like them
with one step and another
moving, moving
with one step at a time
i had once believed
i was just like them
and i really was
just with one step
behind another

2/1/19 11:24 am