when it sways

life sways
you stand a moment
only to fall
back down
on the dirt deep ground
& somewhere in between
you find yourself
in the chaos
of the loud whisphers
built on the walls
between reality
& fantasy

9/14/18 8:05 pm


better than nothing & everything

in doubts
we find peace
that we don’t have
everything perfect
gives us something
to ponder on
as we waste away our days
being someone else
and reminiscing the past
but it’s better
than having nothing
and even greater
than everything

9/7/18 6:18 pm

the problem with her

the problem with her
was everywhere she went
she’ll fall in love
with the creases of paper
the tip of a pen
the bent of someone’s back
the callouses of a hand
she’ll fall in love
with the way her hair
becomes a nest for
when petals
can’t hold on any longer
with the way her hand
embodies the one of some statue
or the way her hair glistens
as rain comes crashing down
and the more she went
the more she’ll fall
more and more
with everything around her
until she can’t fall anymore
until she’s fallen enough

5/11/18 3:47 pm